Regarding “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong, I wonder if there’s a member of the Far Left who just ride on. If not, well, that’s not a surprise for me because they’re obviously pro-Beijing.

I sometimes feel that I’m more or less adverse towards Arabs here in Tumblr. Why?

Well, blame it on Manila media.

What’s wrong printing (and airing) Filipina domestic helpers being abused (physically, sexually and emotionally) in Arab countries (Saudi, UAE, Kuwait).

(At least, I’m brutally honest)

Because of what happened to mother of Cherry Pie Picache, will both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch attempt to the block the increasingly-popular calls for the comeback of death penalty in the Philippines?

Me? I don’t think so, because they’re such a bunch of stupid and coward people.


Ang ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ay para sa charity, hindi para sa pansariling interes. Anong pagpapauso yan? Paki-explain.

A “social justice” blogger will be very pissed if he/she watched watched a performance of a “moro-moro” production, especially if there’s written English translation, either in pamphlets or through subtitles.

Communists and Korean Wave

If the Communists caught one of their “comrades” watching South Korean dramas and movies, as well as listening to KPop, will they force to purge him/her?

(Angry comments coming in on 3,2,1….)


reminder: ferguson and “palestine” (read: southern syria) are still happening and are still important even though there’s less attention being paid to them right now

You forgot Zamboanga, brotorp. You forgot Zamboanga…
(I sensed that you’re pro-Bangsamoro, am I right?)


1.Wanna go to Jovito Palparan’s cell?

2. Volunteer yourself to Spratleys?

3. Wanna go to Samar amd Leyte?