"Kawal ang Tatay ko"

(This song is dedicated to people like Stop the War Coalition, George Galloway and even our very own Leila de Lima)

(Source: youtube.com)

If some members of Stop the War Coalition are caught in the Philippines for being “symphatizers” with the enemies
, I wanna see them imprisoned in ome of the worst jails in the world. Or better yet, share a room with Jovito Palparan! How exciting!

If the present regime in Venezuela is pro-North Korea, then why they allowed to air a South Korean drama (“Winter Sonata”) in TVES (the “sequestered” channel)?

DJ Alvaro - Maginoo pero Medyo Bastos

(This song is also dedicated to all feminists out there, especially radicals/militants who lived in the West. Never mind the language, just understand the message of the song. Peace!)

(Source: m.youtube.com)