A “social justice” blogger will be very pissed if he/she watched watched a performance of a “moro-moro” production, especially if there’s written English translation, either in pamphlets or through subtitles.

Communists and Korean Wave

If the Communists caught one of their “comrades” watching South Korean dramas and movies, as well as listening to KPop, will they force to purge him/her?

(Angry comments coming in on 3,2,1….)


reminder: ferguson and “palestine” (read: southern syria) are still happening and are still important even though there’s less attention being paid to them right now

You forgot Zamboanga, brotorp. You forgot Zamboanga…
(I sensed that you’re pro-Bangsamoro, am I right?)


1.Wanna go to Jovito Palparan’s cell?

2. Volunteer yourself to Spratleys?

3. Wanna go to Samar amd Leyte?


"Kawal ang Tatay ko"

(This song is dedicated to people like Stop the War Coalition, George Galloway and even our very own Leila de Lima)

(Source: youtube.com)